Finding Home – A One Woman Show with Dr. J. – Amerikazentrum Hamburg

Dr. Henriette J. Runte aka Dr. J. goes into the linguistic, cultural, societal, and emotional levels of „finding home“. Studded with personal anecdotes and funny stories, the speech takes the audience on Dr. Runte’s long voyage toward putting down roots in Hamburg, Germany.

Throughout the talk, Dr. Runte shares with the audience a number of entertaining personal photos and images displayed via Power Point and accentuates the main points also visually.

Towards the end, the speech turns more tender and thought-provoking, as Dr. Runte reads some touching passages from Life with Coach Pop, a book that recounts how Dr. Runte’s family immigrated to the US.

The former US Consul General to northern Germany, Darion Akins, a Texan himself, as well as the Mayor of Bryan, Texas, Andrew Nelson, who happens to also be an old school mate of Dr. Runte’s, endorsed Life with a Coach Pop and will be in attendance digitally.

Amerikazentrum Hamburg

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