Joann Thornton and Her Last Will

JOANN Thornton is about to retire … and she is not happy about it. There is so much she has not yet experienced. There is so much she regrets. JOANN is confused, disappointed, angry, and everything in between. Determined not to miss out on the rest of her life, JOANN sets out to experience unfulfilled fantasies, to find an unconventional way to retire, and to make an important decision about her last will.

Paris & Chicago

She is Paris. He is Chicago. She speaks through poetry. He texts, and phones, and uses all of today’s modern means of communication.

Told from both perspectives of a love affair, this literary work traces with great innocence the meeting of two cities and two cultures, the course of a relationship gone bad, and the clash of poetry and prose. 

We Fade To Green

When Margit’s Transylvanian grandparents no longer manage to live on their own, they move in with their daughter and her family in the US. Throw in three kids of different ages and a black cat, and you might think you’ve figured out the story.

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