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Hello everyone – thank you for visiting cultureum.com!

Here is a little more information about me and what I am striving to achieve with my projects. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions or cooperation ideas. (-: Dr. Henriette J. Runte aka Dr. J

  • Academic Head of Modern Languages at renown German university
  • Born and raised in the Carpathian Basin (as a Hungarian minority in Romania)
    • Father – former National Olympic Weightlifting Coach to Romanian, István Javorek, who defected to Germany and was then granted political asylum in the USA in 1982
  • Move to Texas at age 13
  •  Grew up with Hungarian, Romanian, French and English, has since added Spanish and German
  • Education in USA and France – PhD (the sociological effects of theater on the community), MA (French Literature), BA (Human Biology, French), Pre-med
  • Move to Germany in 2001
  • Home = Hamburg, Germany via Kansas and Texas; close affinity with France and Hungary
  • Married
    • husband German – Dr. med. Hendrik Runte
  • Mother of three children
  • Cancer survivor

Having been born in Romania to Hungarian parents who then immigrated to
the United States, I was predestined to speak several languages.

My childhood in Romania taught me Hungarian, Romanian and some Russian.

Although I continued to speak to my parents in Hungarian, my teenage years in Texas brought with them English, French, and Latin as well.

In high-school and later at the university, I perfected my French through extended stays in France and a PhD in French Literature. I also added Spanish, a language I learned through my intense friendships with Latin Americans.

My husband is German and I have been calling Germany my home since 2001.

Through my work and family life, I use English, French, Spanish, German and Hungarian on a daily basis. These languages are an integral part of me, something that shapes the core of who I am.

„But language does not exist independently from culture, so by nature, one demands the presence of the other!“

In 2015, I was diagnosed with and treated for cancer at a time when I was still nursing our youngest daughter. After surgery, I lost my voice for six months and could not access any of my languages or reach across any of the cultures I call my own.

These events shook me and spun me into a sort of a midlife crisis that proved to be rather productive in the end. I started delving into the different layers of my cultural identity and explored some of the beauty and confusion that my cultural background brings with it.

I went back to written documents, half-finished manuscripts and book ideas I had been gathering since I was a young child. I looked to family, friends, and extended communities I knew around the world for guidance and inspiration. What resulted is CULTUREUM.

Amazed by the outpour of interest in the questions that I was asking as well as by the willingness of people around the world to dedicate their time and skills to my endeavors, I created a podcast, Language and Culture with Dr. J, and began publishing through Éditions Quadylle.

„My goal is to unite and educate across the globe.“

Language & Culture with Dr. J

The podcast lets my voice be heard, loud and clear. Independent of advertising or lobbies, the podcast is absolutely non-profit and serves to convey knowledge and information directly from experts around the world. The podcast has developed from season to season and hones in on various aspects of language, culture and identity.

On the Podcast with Dr. J pages you will find more details about my guests, my intentions and the specific focus of
each season, as well as special features and the types of episodes.

Éditions Quadylle with Dr. J

My books and Éditions Quadylle are my way of centering myself and managing to balance it all – a way to connect with myself while still answering the needs of my three children, my marriage, and my full-time job.

One of my best coping mechanisms through illness, stress, pressure, and midlife in general has been writing. It allows me to remember who I used to be and lets me explore all facets of the woman I am today.

I write under 5 different pseudonyms – one for the young, French girl in me, one for the Hungarian mom, one for the drama queen, one for autobiographical material, and one for my provocative, more masculine side.

I also write with my children, and we quite enjoy coming up with stories as a family. More information on all my pseudonyms, Quadylle Kids, and all our books can be found on the Éditions Quadylle with Dr. J pages.


In the fall of 2022, I started three blogs that explore cultural identity and connect the dots.

Dr. J’s Diary 4 Culture allows me to share with you the cultural identity questions I confront in my daily life. This blog is full of personal stories that range from humorous and silly to emotional and philosophical.

The 4 Corners Blog presents the cultural views and preoccupations of 4 persons, each representing one of the 4 corners of the world that have most shaped me. These articles also draw parallels between different fields of work and allow you to see various cultural and professional perspectives.

Finally, 4 Literature’s Sake talks about my personal experiences with books and the important role reading and writing play in my life. This blog also talks about the significance of considering literature from various languages and countries, and encourages valuing the messages and ideas presented in books from around the world.


„Language, literature, culture, society, politics and the arts are all inextricably intertwined and feed off of one another. Communication is the key and language just a small component.“

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