Creatures can rise above nationality and ethnicity and encompass the joyful spirit that unites us all. Our Culture Dilly is such a creature.

Dilly unites through culture and good cheer. At times mischievous and silly, Dilly has a kind heart and arms that are always open for a hug.
Dilly is interested in all cultures, but represent especially the 4 cultures
that anchor Dr. J and CULTUREUM.

Dilly is definitely US-American and loves to wear cowboy boots.
But Dilly is also German and is happy to wear a pair of Lederhosen come rain or come shine. France also plays an important part in who Dilly is, and most of the time, you will see a beret on Dilly’s head. And Dilly loves flowers, especially the pretty, colorful flowers that you see in Dilly’s typically Hungarian matyós blouse.

So stay tuned and find out more about Dilly – Milly – Vanilly – Culture Dilly!



It was my older daughter, known to you as Luna Lupien, who first dreamed up a Dilly creature who could represent Cultureum at large.

The name came from Éditions Quadylle that we publish our books through: Quadylle – Dilly! In addition, „dilly“ in Hungarian, often said as „dili bogyo“ or „dilis“ means „crazy,“ which fits as well, because Dilly is crazy about culture (-: 

The next phase in the creation of Dilly was an experimental one. We glued balloons together. We tried our hand at creating a mask out of plaster. It took us over two years to figure it out, but we had a lot of fun with the project as a family.

As with all of the other parts of Cultureum, Dilly then grew out of sheer determination, tons of creativity, and a heck of a lot of help from volunteers! One person who was absolutely vital was Michaela Klein. She gave Dilly texture!

For the final phase, Dilly returned to family, and it was my husband and mother-in-law who together put on the finishing touches and figured out the technicalities.

Dilly is the newest member of our family. We welcome Dilly with great enthusiasm and joy. 

We hope that Dilly will be a fun ambassador for our 4 main cultures – the USA, Germany, France, and Hungary. Dilly will, however, embrace all cultures and remain forever curious and willing to learn. Dilly will aim to unite through culture, as all those who believe in Cultureum do as well!

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