Dr. J’s Diary 4 Culture

Insight into my cultural identity and my daily cultural preoccupations

Dr. J’s Diary 4 Culture offers you insights into the cultural dilemmas and miscommunications I encounter in my personal life. It shares with you the cultural beauty and richness that I enjoy as a result of belonging to multiple cultures, but it also tells you about the cultural frustrations and struggles of my daily life, and lets you in on some of the thoughts I have and the conclusions I draw at the end of the day.

Integration, Emotionality, and my Name Day

Written by Henriette J. RunteIn Germany, in public life, I am always on my toes, always second guessing myself, never allowing myself to fully relax. I always question my instincts first, count to ten, and then react in order to make sure my reaction is culturally appropriate. […] But where does my emotional identity come…

Happy Places Change

Written by Henriette J. Runte I sat at a small desk at the window, and even though it was late at night, I could still see out into the dunes, lit up by the moon and the star-studded sky. When I stepped outside for some fresh air, I could hear the roaring of the sea…

The Power of the Soup

Written by Henriette J. Runte I write this entry while on a bike tour in the Czech Republic with my husband and three kids. We took our bikes down to Prague by train and are working our way back to Meissen in Germany. We ride about 45-65 km a day and spend the night in…

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