Dr. J’s Soap Box

Dr. J’s Soap Box: Luna’s Little Animals Say I Love You

An interview with Luna Lupien about her book, “Luna’s Little Animals Say ‘I Love You’”

Dr. J’s Soap Box: The Piggy Bank and the Gold Coin

Meet J. J. Thomas, the young author of „The Piggy Bank and the Gold Coin,“ and learn about how and why he turned to writing. 

Magical Easter Eggs

Dr. J speaks speaks with Josephine Pink about her new book, „Magical Easter Eggs.“ Surprise: Josephine is only 6 years old, and happens to be Dr. J’s daughter.   

Rules Must Be Obeyed

How closely do you obey traffic laws while riding your bike? Dr. J tells a personal story about riding bikes in Germany and how she was set straight about proper road etiquette.

„My Most Embarrassing Mistakes in German“

From asking an old lady to catch a cold, to talking about salmon ideas, Dr. J confesses to the most embarrassing mistakes she made while she was learning German. 

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