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Navigating through midlife by writing!

I write under several pseudonyms, each of which I identify with a genre, a country, or a phase in my life. My children have selected their own pseudonyms as well.

Dr.J’s Books

Life with Coach Pop

In 1982, while at an international competition in West Germany, national Olympic weightlifting coach, István Javorek defected, leaving behind his wife and only daughter in a country still under the control of the Ceausescu dictatorship. Separated for over two and a half years, the family was reunited in the United States. Seven months after coming to the US, Henriette Javorek, then 12 years old, wrote a little novella that traced her family’s journey from Transylvania to Texas and depicted with great naiveté and emotion the dramatic events and hardships surrounding this turning point in her life.

We Fade To Green

When Margit’s Transylvanian grandparents no longer manage to live on their own, they move in with their daughter and her family in the US. Throw in three kids of different ages and a black cat, and you might think you’ve figured out the story.

Joann Thornton and Her Last Will

JOANN Thornton is about to retire … and she is not happy about it. There is so much she has not yet experienced. There is so much she regrets. JOANN is confused, disappointed, angry, and everything in between. Determined not to miss out on the rest of her life, JOANN sets out to experience unfulfilled fantasies, to find an unconventional way to retire, and to make an important decision about her last will.

Paris & Chicago

She is Paris. He is Chicago. She speaks through poetry. He texts, and phones, and uses all of today’s modern means of communication.

Told from both perspectives of a love affair, this literary work traces with great innocence the meeting of two cities and two cultures, the course of a relationship gone bad, and the clash of poetry and prose. 

Farting In Public

Farting in Public is like Henry Hills, a beautiful enigma. The book is not quite a short story, or a poem, or an art book, or a cultural tribute to farting, yet it encompasses all of these elements. With very few words and a few drawings, Henry Hills uses his delicate sense of humor to capture the life a woman who loved to fart.

Books from Quadylle Kids

Quadylle Kids

Magical Easter Eggs

The Smiths have had a tough year, and they could really use some magic! Down on their luck, the Smiths have all but given up on believing anything wonderful could ever happen again. Could the Easter Bunny maybe help?

Die magischen Ostereier

Es brauchte etwas Magie, damit die Familie Meier den Glauben an das Schöne im Leben wiederfindet. An diesem Ostern hat der Osterhase etwas nachgeholfen. DIE MAGISCHEN OSTEREIER erzählt die Geschichte einer Familie, die sich nach einem schwierigen Jahr voller Enttäuschungen und Probleme etwas verlassen und traurig fühlt.

Luna’s Little Animals Say „I Love You“

An 11-year-old girl’s way of spreading love. This is a heartwarming art book with amazingly sweet drawings of animals in love. The author matches the animals to countries and says „I love you“ in many different languages and alphabets around the world. With fun facts and commentaries about the various animals, countries and languages picked, as well as cute anecdotes about how the book came about.

„Ich hab‘ dich lieb“ sagen Lunas kleine Tierchen

Liebe und Verständnis – das sind die zwei wichtigsten Botschaften der 11-jährigen Luna und ihren entzückend gezeichneten Tierchen. Sie haben einander lieb und sagen „Ich hab‘ dich lieb“ in 24 verschiedenen Sprachen.
Neben ein paar Fakten zur Sprache erzählt das Buch, wie Luna die passende Ausdrucksweise in der jeweiligen Sprache herausgefunden hat und was sie mit der Sprache und den Tieren verbindet.

The Piggy Bank And The Gold Coin

This is the story of a gold coin and of a piggy bank that just won’t break. When a man tries to realize his boyhood dream of buying a sports car, he goes on a quest to retrieve the gold coin given to him by his grandfather. A funny and emotional tale of a man who wants to throw, bang, prod, smash his old piggy bank open and of the men he asks for help on the way.

Das Sparschwein und die Goldmünze

Dies ist die Geschichte von einem Mann, der versucht seinen Kindheitstraum von einem Sportwagen zu verwirklichen, in dem er sein altes Sparschwein aufmacht und die Goldmünze seines Großvaters findet. Nur, egal was er macht – ob er ihn wirft, schlägt, stoßt oder zerquetscht, geht das Sparschwein nicht kaputt.

Halloween Travels

Michael and Mia are twins and live in Hamburg, Germany. One Halloween, they invite their best friends to spend the night in their tree house. The children have only one wish: to experience an American Halloween together. Right at the same time, the little American Halloween Witch from Texas finds herself lost in Germany, with no one to help her get back home. What results is a friendship that overcomes language barriers and takes the children and the reader on an incredible journey though the World of Halloween.


Michael und Mia laden Freunde ein, in ihrem Baumhaus zu übernachten. Was der Abend bringt ist ungewiss…
Die Kinder lernen die niedliche kleine amerikanische Halloween-Hexe kennen, die ihre Hilfe braucht.
Dabei lernen sie einiges an Englisch und erleben das beste und wahnsinnigste Halloween, das sie sich je hätten vorstellen können!!!