Joann Thornton and Her Last Will

by Renée Kerovaj

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ISBN: 979-8729244539

The play recounts Joann’s attempt to live out her fantasies before it’s too late.

Renée Kerovaj’s one-act play, Joann Thornton and Her Last Will is a humorous account of a professor’s last wishes. 

When it is time for Joann Thornton to finally retire from a long and successful career in academia, she is confronted with the unpleasant realization that she somehow longed for more. 



As I told you on the phone, I really wanted to give myself a special retirement gift.  And somehow it seemed there were so many scenarios, so many situations I didn’t have the chance or the courage or the opportunity to live out.  And you can’t very well tell your students that you had always dreamed of them being smarter or more motivated, that before you retired you just once wanted them to really understand one of your jokes or be truly inspired by one of your lessons.


How you must have suffered!  Teaching really is one of the hardest jobs on Earth!


I’m so glad you understand.


But of course!


So you see, I have to live out these fantasies while I am still a professor, while it could theoretically be real.

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