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Kids Ask a Chef: Young Adults From Kansas City Ask Hamburg Chef Sebastian Junge

Sebastian Junge is the owner and head chef of the restaurant, Wolfs Junge in Hamburg, Germany. In this segment, young adults from Kansas City had the chance to ask the chef some questions.

Part II – German Children Ask US Diplomat Darion Akins

This is part 2 of my Kids Ask Interview with Darion Akins, who was gracious enough to join me again and answer yet another set of questions from 5th graders from Gymnasium Grootmoor in Hamburg, Germany.

Part I – German Children Ask US Diplomat Darion Akins

5th graders from Gymnasium Grootmoor came up with questions for US Consul General Darion Akins. The children had so many questions that we decided to let Mr. Akins answer in two segments. This is Part I.

French Kids Ask Museum Director Julián Zugazagoitia

In this segment of Kids Ask, children from the Vendée region in France ask the director of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art questions about art and the museum, and include a few naughty personal inquiries as well. The students come from the Collège Puy Chabot au Poiré-sur-Vie and were helped by their dedicated art teacher, Celia Mounier. The selected questions came from the students Julien Allaume, Noa Forestier, Louka Sire, Enguerrand Noblet, Owen Lampert and Yann Paillé. 

Kids Ask – with Senator Ties Rabe

This segment of Kids Ask features Senator Ties Rabe and bilingual children from the Blanka Teleki Elementary School in Budapest, Hungary.

Kids Ask – with Harvard Professor Chad Cowan

Bilingual children from Patagonia, Argentina, ask Harvard professor, Chad Cowan, questions about science and the human body.

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