Lectures, Workshops and Performances

My lectures and workshops, while educational and thought-provoking, are also interactive and always entertaining. I love talking to people and encouraging others to express themselves, whether by speaking or through writing. Performing in front of audiences is one of my great passions, and I truly enjoy standing in the spotlight. I am also a professor and have been teaching at universities around the world for 30 years now.

It is always a pleasure to chat with or to perform for groups and organisations – be it at companies, schools, libraries, or other venues, so drop me a line with your ideas and questions.




Please do not hesitate to contact me at info@cultureum.com.
I am available for both in-person and virtual events and would be happy to provide you with further information upon request.
All lectures, workshops, and performances are available in English, German and in French.
Our mascot, the CULTURE DILLY would also be happy to participate ;).

Let me help you facilitate dialogue

My topics of specialty:

Immigration and Integration
Diversity and Multiculturalism vs. Monoculturalism
Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and the USA
Language, Literature, and Culture

Sample Lecture or Workshop topic:

“My Mother Tongue and My Father Land”

A back-and-forth among languages and cultures and a journey through my German-American-Hungarian triangle of daily preoccupations, frustrations and little joys
TONE: entertaining, provokative
TOP TAKEAWAYS:  what is culture clash and how to deal with it, how can cultures complement each other, what makes Germans, American, and Hungarians tick

Let me help you connect the dots

My topics of specialty:

Parenting and Lifestyle in a Multicultural Context
Education and Literacy
Emotional Well-Being and Dialog
Human Contact and Connection

Sample Lecture or Workshop topic:

Leadership and Parenting

Based on sociological theories and spiced with personal examples, the parallels I draw and the balance I achieve while striving to be a great parent and an inspirational leader
TONE: informative, motivational, inspiring
TOP TAKEAWAYS:  sociology lessons to live by and lead from; important implications of your parenting and leadership paths; suggestions for further development and thought


A previous performance:

“Molière and Me”

Parallels between the playwright Molière’s life and mine
TONE: entertaining, humorous, informative
TOP TAKEAWAYS: Molière’s life; fashion from the 16th century to today; my life’s path

A previous lecture:

“Finding Home”

My battles with language, culture and identity, and my personal road towards creating a home
TONE: entertaining, humorous, touching
TOP TAKEAWAYS: integration takes work on 4 levels: linguistic, cultural, societal, and emotional; the idea of home has to be defined individually; funny personal anecdotes; reading from Life with Coach Pop

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