My Pseudonyms

Nira Nabro

2021Paris & Chicago

When I write as Nira Nabro, I feel young and free. I imagine that I live in Montmartre, in Paris, and study at the Sorbonne.

I am full of dreams and emotion. I love poetry and cats.

Anna Molnar

When I am Anna Molnar, I reconnect with my Hungarian – American side and see my heritage as something worth sharing with others. I write books with an appeal for the entire family and particularly enjoy writing stories for young adults.

2020We Fade To Green

Henriette Javorek

Writing under my maiden name allows me to take one step back from my current family life and career, and focus in on the child and woman I used to be. As Henriette Javorek, I write biographies and autobiographies, and books based on real-life events.

Henry Hills

When I am Henry Hills, my masculine side comes to life, and I allow myself liberties I would otherwise shy away from. I can be the macho divorcé who remains charming while provoking. I can touch on the inappropriate with the naughtiness of an otherwise respectable gentleman.

I imagine I have a southern drawl and can sport a pair of cowboy boots with style.

Renée Kerovaj

When I write as Renée Kerovaj, my lifelong love of the theater is finally in the spotlight. I am dramatic, and funny, and exuberant. Though older and wiser, I imagine that I am still a beautiful diva, who knows how to fill a stage with life.

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