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Finding Home – A One Woman Show with Dr. J – Amerikazentrum Hamburg

Finding Home – A One Woman Show with Dr. J. – Amerikazentrum Hamburg

Dr. Henriette J. Runte aka Dr. J. goes into the linguistic, cultural, societal, and emotional levels of „finding home“. Studded with personal anecdotes and funny stories, the speech takes the audience on Dr. Runte’s long voyage toward putting down roots in Hamburg, Germany. Throughout the talk, Dr. Runte shares with the audience a number of entertaining…

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The Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and KC Molière celebrate 400 years of Molière

Dr. Henriette Javorek Runte’s video contribution to the celebrations

The Overseas Dream – Immigrant / Expat Spotlight

The Overseas Dream – Immigrant / Expat Spotlight

@theoverseasdream In my opinion, culture, as language, is an ever-changing medium. Immigration is a give and take, it leaves participants on both ends altered. The tacos we eat in LA or the sushi we consume in Hamburg represent the long road from one country to another – certainly some „authenticity“ or „purity“ is lost, but…

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Podcast: LIFE an inside job by Kate Codrington

You can listen to the podcast episode here: https://www.katecodrington.co.uk/inside-a-woman-with-dr-henriette-runte/

KC Molière Newsletter vol. V, No. 4: Molière and Me

Article by Rebecca Smith

Molière and Me, presented by Dr. Henriette Runte on Friday November 19, was a beautiful mosaic of fascinatingly connecting, colorful pieces. Just to start:

  • The lecture took place in the elegant, newly reopened Kansas City Museum, in rooms dappled with French Regency furniture and decoration, and even including a “Sun Parlor”, appropriately. Thank you to Paul Gutiérrez, for making the space available.
  • Dr. Runte stated proudly that she shares with Molière his birthday on January 15 – just 350 years apart.
  • She claimed as one of her defining life and career moments her experience at a Renee Fleming performance – and Ms. Fleming had performed in Kansas City the very day before at the Kauffman Center.

What followed was a lively retelling by Dr. Runte of how Molière came to hold an important place in her life and all she thought connected her to him.

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Podcast: Impact Radio USA

DR. HENRIETTE J. RUNTE, a college professor, podcaster, speaker, and cancer survivor now in Germany, joined us to discuss her career, her thought processes when growing up as opposed to now, and her amazing place in this world. 

Podcast: Thriving Thru Menopause

Listen to the podcast episode here:

S2E45. How Culture Shapes How We View Women

What does throat cancer and multi-cultural background teach us about how we can grow as women? Join me in conversation with Henriette Runte, cancer survivor, author and podcaster to talk about these topics through the lense of her book ‘Fade to Green’

Interview with @theannadelarosa

You can read my full interview here!

What did you want to be growing up?

„I have always wanted to be a writer and / or somehow work in theater. It has taken me a long time to even go in this direction, but I feel I’m finally on my way!“ – Dr. J

Podcast: Bump In The Road

Listen to the podcast episode here:

Henriette Runte: Global Perspectives

As a first generation American, success was instilled in Henriette early on. She has earned an MA in French Literature and a PhD in French literature and theatre, both from the University of Kansas. Language led to literature, which led to teaching and travel. […]

But a few bumps in the road caused Henriette to reach back into her childhood and reconsider some dreams that had been set aside. In the first part of this podcast, we talk about her journey.


A Culture Story with Henriette

Listen to the podcast episode here:


Hova is tartozom?

„Édesapám, mikor nyolcéves voltam, azt mondta, hogy neki politikai problémái vannak. És így elmondta nekem, hogy ő ki szeretne szökni és én ezt a titkot megtartottam.” – Runte Javorek Henriette

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