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Interview with @theannadelarosa

You can read my full interview here!

What did you want to be growing up?

„I have always wanted to be a writer and / or somehow work in theater. It has taken me a long time to even go in this direction, but I feel I’m finally on my way!“ – Dr. J

Podcast: Bump In The Road

Listen to the podcast episode here:

Henriette Runte: Global Perspectives

As a first generation American, success was instilled in Henriette early on. She has earned an MA in French Literature and a PhD in French literature and theatre, both from the University of Kansas. Language led to literature, which led to teaching and travel. […]

But a few bumps in the road caused Henriette to reach back into her childhood and reconsider some dreams that had been set aside. In the first part of this podcast, we talk about her journey.


A Culture Story with Henriette

Listen to the podcast episode here:


Hova is tartozom?

„Édesapám, mikor nyolcéves voltam, azt mondta, hogy neki politikai problémái vannak. És így elmondta nekem, hogy ő ki szeretne szökni és én ezt a titkot megtartottam.” – Runte Javorek Henriette

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