Uniting Through Culture

„Language, literature, culture, society, politics and the arts are all inextricably intertwined and feed off of one another. Communication is the key and language just a small component.“

Life with Coach Pop

In 1982, while at an international competition in West Germany, national Olympic weightlifting coach, István Javorek defected, leaving behind his wife and only daughter in a country still under the control of the Ceausescu dictatorship. Separated for over two and a half years, the family was reunited in the United States. Seven months after coming to the US, Henriette Javorek, then 12 years old, wrote a little novella that traced her family’s journey from Transylvania to Texas and depicted with great naiveté and emotion the dramatic events and hardships surrounding this turning point in her life.

We Fade To Green

When Margit’s Transylvanian grandparents no longer manage to live on their own, they move in with their daughter and her family in the US. Throw in three kids of different ages and a black cat, and you might think you’ve figured out the story.

Joann Thornton and Her Last Will

JOANN Thornton is about to retire … and she is not happy about it. There is so much she has not yet experienced. There is so much she regrets. JOANN is confused, disappointed, angry, and everything in between. Determined not to miss out on the rest of her life, JOANN sets out to experience unfulfilled fantasies, to find an unconventional way to retire, and to make an important decision about her last will.

Caballos, la legendaria Carol Jones y el Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi Language and Culture with Dr. J

  1. Caballos, la legendaria Carol Jones y el Parque Nacional Nahuel Huapi
  2. An American in Argentina
  3. La mujer en Argentina
  4. Perspectives of a Colombian

  • Coach Pop’s Views at the Start of 2023
    Written by István Javorek

    New Year’s resolutions are not for me, because I see the new year as a mere continuation of the previous year. For example, I begin 2023, looking forward to continuing an activity I started last year. A little while ago, I started helping Szekler (Székely) children from the villages in Hargita County, who have chosen ice hockey as their favorite sport. I have been …

  • Coach Pop Nézetei 2023 Elején
    Written by István Javorek

    Soha nem tettem Új évi fogadalmakat, hiszen számomra nincs újra kezdődő év, csak a folytatása, amit az előző évben elkezdtem. Például most, próbálok segíteni a falukban élő Hargita megyei székely gyerekeknek, akik a jéghoki sportot választották kedvenc sportjuknak. Megfelelő erőnléti edzés tervekkel és tanácsokkal segítem őket. Igy elvállaltam a Gyergyószéki és Csikszéki Jég-Vi-Har (Jégkorongozó – Vidéki Hargita) iskolás jégkorong csapatok edzőinek a mentorálását erő és kondicionálásban. Emocionálisan teljesen a…

  • Happy Places Change
    Written by Henriette J. Runte

    I sat at a small desk at the window, and even though it was late at night, I could still see out into the dunes, lit up by the moon and the star-studded sky. When I stepped outside for some fresh air, I could hear the roaring of the sea and the whistling wind. If I took a few more steps, I could sit on a small wooden bench and even see the sea with its white, majestic waves tickling the beach in its vastness.